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Apex Surveys was initially set up in the year 1993 and the organization has earned solid reputation and good will through its customer-focused approach, quality and timely execution of survey commitment, stringent adherence to survey requirement and impeccable service.

To consolidate growth, maintain its status and to expand to other locations and with a commitment to offer value-based survey solutions, particularly in land related surveys, Apex Surveys has been incorporated as a Private Limited Company in the name of Apex Topomappers Private Limited in the year 1997 based at Chennai, India.

The organization is managed by its technically experienced directors Mr.S. Om Prakash, Mr. S. Boopalan and Mr. S. Rose Ponnaian.

Our services

Apex Topomappers Private Limited offers a wide range of surveying services based on competitive pricing and prompt time frames. Combining traditional surveying techniques with the latest technology, Apex is able to provide to the clients a cost effective solution to all surveying requirements.

List of our Services:

Triangulation Boundary, Survey Topographical Survey, Contour Survey, Road Survey & Pipeline Surveys, Hill Survey, Building Setting Out Works & Building Survey, Layout Designing And Marking, Quantity Surveys Of Mineral Stock Volume & Earth Work Volume, Survey mapping & drawing outputs.

Land Survey

Land Survey plays an important role in the formation of TITLE DEEDS of any Landed Property. It gives details of the Land with its boundaries and measurements compared with Field Measurement Book Map (FMB).

FMB Map showing the measurements of the Land was being considered by respective Village Authorities for taking any decision on the land and also to decide on revenue. The FMB map is prepared by using chain and the boundaries of the Property had been demarcated by fixing Stones in the relevant corners and turning points. The Length and Breadth of the Property would be in yard/link/meter or feet and the Area would have been indicated in Hectares/ Acres/ Cents or grounds respectively or as the case may be. The Area indicated therein is unchangeable. Mother Survey Document forming part of the Title Deed of the Property and all the commercial transactions would be processed based on the FMB Area.


Now a question will arise in everybody’s mind that when the measurements and Area of the Landed Property are available in the Sketch attached to the TITLE DEED (i.e. FMB Map) itself, then why one should go in for Modern Survey of the said Landed Property once again. APEX TOPOMAPPERS PRIVATE LIMITED does reason here the necessity of Modern Survey.

 A FMB Map prepared by conventional survey (using chain system) would show only measurements (length and breadth) of the Landed Property and its Area.  However,  it would not contain the details of the available various Topographical Features, viz., Structures, Roads, Trees, Culverts, Canals, Nalla, Lakes, other Water Bodies, HT Towers and Lines , Drains, etc. that exist  in the particular  Landed Property. FMB Sketch does not cover levels of the Site in relation to Mean Sea Level and its Global latitude & longitude measurements.

It is imperative to collect more details on the Landed Property involving vast Area for any Projects that are being contemplated and proposed to be set up in such Landed Property, like Industrial, Commercial and Residential complexes . Prior to execution of such Projects, it is necessary to have the complete data of the land. Collecting the details more accurately relating to the land, now-a-days, modern engineering survey through total station instrument is being adopted.

Modern Survey with the above instrument and Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) gives accuracy of 1 Sec. in angular measurement and 1 mm distance measurement.

To meet the above requirement and to have a detailed survey of the land, APEX TOPOMAPPERS PRIVATE LIMITED, a professionally managed organization comes forward with their qualified and experienced survey personnel.

APEX TOPOMAPPERS are in this field of Land related survey engineering and mapping for the last 20 years equipped with highly sophisticated survey instruments, software system and a team of professionally experienced survey personnel. It has the credential of successful completion of land survey of many reputed organizations like, Multinational Companies, Central and State Government Departments , Public Sector Undertakings, Architects and Builders not only all over India but also Overseas Projects covering vast area for their various Industrial, commercial & residential Set up.


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